An alternative to X Be Gone

Recently I made a article about X Be Gone

Which I talking about some issues they have to fix.

But Recently I found out that GoodbyeX is a Better alternative to X Be Gone


Last time I talk about you have to install manually through source on X Be Gone but GoodbyeX have a Chrome Web Store Page that you just only have to click once and forgot forever



Why use GoodbyeX?

Last time when I am talking about some issues about X Be Gone’s issues. One of them actually fixed in this Extension

They Fixed Load Screen Problem Which you won’t see X when you load in Twitter.

Same issues

  1. They Haven’t Fix the TweetDeck Problem of XPro and X favicon of it.
  2. When you Switch Account the logo will revert back (X Be Gone also have this Problem)
  3. It won’t replace the X in popup window

popup window

But All of these things can be resolved in Future Update And I see GoodbyeX has more active development than X Be Gone

So whatever which project do you like Go Ahead and Check them out!