Website Update

I bet is a long time that I haven’t done a website Update

Well Let me tell you this website’s difference NOW!

We are at Cloudflare Family NOW!

If you don’t know, I move this website to Cloudflare pages due to I am using netlify for my workplace website.

And the content on it is all images which takes tons of bandwidth

The Bandwidth of my workplace website takes

So I decided to split it one at Cloudflare and another one at netlify

So the website that you are viewing right now which is is all hosted on Cloudflare

And we can go to the next topic

New Domain?

For Honest I still didn’t have new Domain but if you guys want you still can support me on buymeacoffee I guess we can buy one day (or .com)

So what I actually did is I use a service called FreeDNS I think that is old enough that can maintain this website to be available until one day it will be down (Let’s hope that won’t happen).

So Yeah I didn’t actually “own” this domain, instead I just borrow from other peoples domain which I guess won’t happen something bad since this domain has been available since this domain is already available since 2004

This Domain has been hold for 2004

So it should be last long enough

Wrapping Up

So This is the website Update which it takes me tons of time to setup this DNS server to make everyone easy to remember. should be last long enough that until’s owner doesn’t want to do this anymore.

But hey since this still works we should be happy there is a lot of service like this can make website for Free

No matter is FreeDNS Netlify Cloudflare building a website is really becoming a easy thing these day.

So I should say is build your own website!

Because no matter what happens your website is still the thing will maintain to be on.

Ok I guess that’s everything I will see you all in next article :D