Living in Taiwan Is Not Fun

So this is a Website Only topic

I am not going to make a video about this but yes what you are going to look is true

There is no fun in Taiwan if you lived here for a long time here you will find everything is messed up

The government and the police everything is messed up

And the First Disclaimer I have to made is this only in my opinion

If you think Taiwan is a lovely country actually nothing is wrong about it.

Well than you can have your own opinion you don’t have to accept it

Ganster’s Problem

Well If I talk about this problem someone will be like “blusewill there is Ganster in every places not only Taiwan”

But Hear me out in Taiwan there is like Ganster Everywhere EVEN POLICE what I have remembered like a YouTuber which I will watch when I have Freetime got a law suit that is FALSE

Luckly He is a large YouTuber and having tons of Support in his fan base but Just use your Brain Why this is still a thing? Getting a False Lawsuit in a Country like this.

Media Sucks

When I talk about Media is not about like YouTuber well maybe some of the YouTubers is going to be what am I going to talking about

In Taiwan if you are famous enough you will Get doxx alot

They will have the Agent that Follows you and film it and BOOM tomorrow there will be some media writing the False News

Like there is a News article that a person is smoking beside his brother but that cigarette is actually a spoon

You can see these kind of these news article whole day and another one is almost 90% of the News is about government or sad news

There will be like Car Accident every single day which you will think what wrong is about Taiwan’s Road.

There is No Happy News it’s all sad that makes you want to turn off in like 10 seconds

Education is Outdated

Well please think Taiwan’s Education is 1=1 as China but better

I bet who want to study boring class for like 50 minutes and the break time is only 10 minutes

And you have to wake up at 7:00AM which is also a bad time since the time I am writing this article is 1:39AM because I am a Night Wolf :D

Put Joke to a side. This time most of the students not even full awake yet I bet the normal time that students went to sleep is 12:30AM I guess?

They Probably not playing Video Games, they are maybe doing their homework.

I finished my homework at like 3AM in the morning and I have to wake up at 7AM

How can I Getting any sleep it’s impossible and there will be like more when there is a holiday which I will just put it off and do whatever I want to do because I think what am I doing is more fun than math anyway

Like writing these article and making video or Stream is more fun!

Wrapping Up

Ok I think I am just going to wrap it up here since there is so much I can talk about it

Also don’t forget this is only my personal opinion doesn’t mean your own opinion which I think I am just over too aggressive

And I think I will Update this Article when I have time to see something wrong about this Country so bookmark this and maybe it will be Update one day

Ok that’s All blusewill out.