Moving My Art to Locals

Welcome to another announcement that I will only post on Website!

Which is Yep We are moving to locals!

For my Art project and other stuffs will be available at there

Also Some Behind Scenes!

Now is currently at Pending which is still verifying the Community

Update : It’s Now Verified Go Ahead and Check it out

Moving to locals

After the verification went through I will upload every single art onto locals

What can you find in my locals?

There is plenty of things I can do on Locals

Such as.

  • Behind the Scenes
    • Rendering Time Lapse (Yes I have one that’s recorded)
    • Making Time Lapse (I don’t think I will record this every time since I still need some spaces for the Windows disk)
  • Wallpaper Download
    • 4K/8K Exclusive Wallpaper
    • Alternative Shot of the art
  • Early Access to the art
    • I will upload the animation/art immediately after I render it.

So What are you waiting for?

Join Now at