Recent Thoughts

Talking about recent IRL is like sharing something bad to you guys.

So if you guys want to exit out this article. Just leave since it’s going to be worse and worse.

Recent Stuffs

Recent IRL tiring. Makes me can’t even focus until 2 - 3 AM though I know I shouldn’t sleep that late but at the old times I can stayed up until 5 AM no problem.

But now these days it’s even more hard to keep up at 1 AM I have to sleep to refresh my energy.

These days my thoughts

What these days I think will be best for me is leaving Taiwan and moving to a country side of Iceland.

In case you didn’t know. I likes cold weather. As cold as possible. And I likes to be lonely and trying to learning some survival skills makes me like wild man. And maybe I can went to some getting drunk in traven too.

Now these days I am watching my Computer monitor looking at Cole and Wolf makes me happy since I am still making my dream well digitally.

Todo but can’t

I know I should take some therapy sessions and these days I don’t really have time anymore.

Half of my time is spending on School and it’s too expensive to take some therapy sessions. Though I can use some service like better help but I think if I am upset I only want to talk to my self.

Facts : I have 2 persons in my mind Me and Wolf After Creating Wolf this year my mind starting to have his sounds. This maybe because of depression that I have been encounter fora long time.

Future Plans

So at the end of the year I decided to get a job. In order to let me still getting positive on something like life. Since at the end of this year I feel depressed.

Unless I turn on my OBS and started streaming will keeps me stay positive most of the time. Instead me feeling upset I felt great.

Saturday Night I decided to started streaming Dota 2 though I lose the round but I felt happy at that session.

So I think I will stream more and more these days to makes me happy. Though is not a great way to keeps a person happy but I think is my only way to encourage my self.